The Modern Male.

Confidence, purpose, self-love, sacredness, passion, vulnerability, and authenticity. All traits that are guiding men to step into their calling of this “new-age” masculinity.

We take this concepts and not only build the foundation so that you can grow continuously upon these roots, we learn how to apply them in our day to day lives. You congruently build a conscious brotherhood that lasts well beyond the program which serves as a vessel for continuous growth.

Apply here to my 90 day intensive coaching program to create the life you want rooted in self-love, authenticity, and light.


  • 500 Hour RYT

    • Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt

  • OfficeYoga Certification

  • Matt Belair Podcasts


  • Ben Greenfield Podcasts


  • High Performing Habits

  • Inward - Yung Pueblo