Where are my Brothers at

Emotions can either ruin us as men, or, if channelled correctly, they can allow us to live for the first time. Taking emotional states and channelling them consciously opens you up to a whole new realm of possibility.

Confidence, purpose, self-love, sacredness, passion, vulnerability, authenticity, boundaries, space, alignment, congruence, trust, safety, honor - All traits that are guiding us to step into our calling in this “new-age” masculinity and to shift the paradigm of what it means to “Man Up.”

To be so full of emotion and to remain calm, directive, confident and direct action...THIS is what is calling for us today as men.

Turning our “hustle” to full fledged alignment in all that we do. Being so in touch with our emotional and vulnerable states that we know exactly what we want when we want it, and we act without hesitation towards that directive and get it.

We are whole and complete as we are in this moment, it’s a matter of truly accessing this strength, which we cannot do until we authentically journey inwards.


Accessing on a whim our deepest wounds and triggers? Seeing for ourselves for who we really are and seeing the darkest parts of ourselves?

Holy hell yes. But as Men we don’t shy away from fear - we see this fear as a catalyst for growth, stepping into all as we are, cultivating space and owning the fuck out of ourselves.

The best part?

You don’t need to do this alone.

I remember going through these exact realizations and moving through my emotions for the first time in 26 years, and my past partner suggested that I reach out to my guy friend’s about this since she was at her wits end (to be honest I don’t her blame for that…I was a piece of work).

But what she didn’t understand is that I had no one to turn to for this. There were no men that I knew even in the same realm to talk about this, not to mention I could barely even describe what was going on.

Or so I thought.

There are many men going through this same realization, all thinking they need to walk this alone. But I’m here to tell you two things:

1) That’s not possible

2) That’s entirely wrong

There are entire communities dedicated towards this shift and process, all you need to do is strip aside your male Ego and seek it.


Having a container of men to discuss, support, and sustain your journey inwards to you can be a better man. A better partner in your union, a better son, a better brother, a better human.

This is the core of what this transformative program offers - creating space to fully immerse yourself into what has been holding you back and blocking you from living the life you know you want but can’t seem to get.

It’s for men who are ready to step into their calling and live a life rooted in self-love, confidence, light, and authenticity. For men who want to fully utilize their masculinity to improve their relationships, sense of self, live in alignment and to wholeheartedly love themselves.

This program is not for the man who is doesn’t care to tap into his emotional prowess, is not interested in reclaiming his power as a Man, thinks that he is above anyone else, does not want to journey deep into his soul and set his Ego aside, and is not meant to serve as a substitute for therapy or other professional services.


12 weeks of undying support, content, and accountability

You will fully be seen, heard, and allowed to share your story as it unfolds in front of you. Release the fear that is preventing you from fully embodying yourself in a container where you can explore yourself.

Weekly 1:1 calls and support throughout

Full disclosure - I am here for you. To see and honor your dedication to yourself, and to give you a loving kick in the ass if need be to push you to where I know you can be. Full, dedicated support from myself on our weekly calls with themes, embodiment practices, and homework to integrate the lessons into your life to rediscover the power you had all along.

identity shift

Opening up and leading with vulnerability is a new way of living and can feel like you’re living a double life. To actually ingrain this successfully we will dig into what makes you the way that you are, and enhance what is working and release what is no longer serving you.

Weekly Embodiment practices

Talking about all of this is great, but how we integrate and live true to our new found knowledge is what truly transforms your life. There will be weekly embodiment practices (a fancy word for homework) that serves to enhance your experience and time in the program.

Time to man up

Embark on a 3 month journey where you learn and dive deep into topics such as vulnerability, manifestation, mindfulness, physical fitness, power reclamation, wealth and prosperity, divine right action, relationships, heart guided living, shadow work, life design, breathwork , and so much more. We journey to your innocence and sacredness as a man, and dive deep into what it actually means to live with this “new-age” manliness and how to use this in your day to day life to “Man Up.”

You reading this right now is a call to action to finally step forward and fully embody your emotional state to cut out all that bullshit cycle you have been perpetuating over and over again. So you can step forward with power, confidence, and openness to receiving all that life has to offer.

Fill out my application below and step into your calling.

I look forward to this journey with your my Brother.

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