The Head and The Heart (not the band)

When it comes down to it - the Head has only one overall intention... to not die. The Heart, on the other hand, is what keeps us living. (Some resources for your Heart’s intention can be found at the bottom of the post).

Think about it: we put a jacket on when we’re cold so we don’t freeze, we eat food so we don’t starve, we pay rent so we’re not homeless, we make sure to look as we cross the street so we don’t get smacked by a car, we go to the doctor when we’re sick so we don’t die, etc, etc, etc.

Which are all great things. We need that instinctive nature to keep us alive and well and grounded.

But the heart…the heart excites us. It radiates energy upwards and outwards. It gets us out of our beds in the morning not because we have to, but because we want to. It leads us to our passion and our utmost calling in our lives.

The best part about the Heart is that it always knows what it wants. Every single moment of every second - there’s no mistaking it. The worst part? It can be damn near impossible to access at times. Because our Head wants to leap in and know every. Single. Little. Detail. About what the Heart wants and creates a giant barrier.

It can be damn near detrimental when we let our Head override every single decision in our lives. That’s when we begin to transition to “Task-list” mentality of life:

You wake up to go to your job you don’t really love to get the money to pay rent so you have a place to sleep and afford groceries so you don’t starve. God forbid you have a family or kids, then you need more of the money and it still never ends up being enough.

Running this wheel over and over again until you’re like 65 and can hopefully retire to then finally go out and live your passion.

Fuuuuckk that. Life is happening right now to you - if you aren’t happy then why are you doing what you’re doing?

Let your Heart intention guide you to what you really want in your life. Take, for instance, your passion. The thing that excites you to do over and over again.

For me it was yoga. I was so excited to share with anyone and everyone about yoga and that I teach.

When I decided to quit my job and pursue yoga full head stepped in and said “What the absolute fuck are you doing - how in the hell are you going to survive off of just teaching yoga? What about your debt? Your career? If we are going to do this I need a detailed plan so I can budget so we can survive.

My Heart knew what it wanted, my Head didn’t see how it could be remotely possible...which naturally caused a lot of inner friction and turmoil (of which is a topic for another post).

I kept trying to rationalize my Heart’s desire without actually taking the time to figure out what my Heart wanted.

[If you’re reading this for the first time without context, I am actually back at Asana (my old company) and more thrilled than ever.]

What I learned the fun way? You absolutely do not need to blow up your life and pursue your passion at the drop of a hat. You certainly can if it is in alignment for you, but it’s not the only way and I’d argue after doing just that, don’t do that.

I thought my heart wanted to teach as much yoga as I could...but turns out I began to feel burnt out from teaching 15+ classes a week. I stopped enjoying it and hardly ever practiced it.

I then kept trying to think my way through this as to how in the hell did I misfire so greatly: left an amazing city at an amazing company with amazing friends to pursue yoga full-time with a girl I had thought I was madly in-love with. I actually found myself talking myself into leaving to pursue this yoga lifestyle more than staying at where I was at. Now if it was truly a Heart centered intention, it should be the other way around.

To put it succinctly the relationship did not remotely work out and for the first time I was able to tune in with what the hell I wanted.

Not through thinking about it or acting quickly towards a new goal, I let me Heart guide me towards my next chapter of my life, of which for the first time I am grounded, aligned, and ready.

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