Why I Left My Super Stable, Amazing Job

They say that the big, scary, fulfilling changes in life involve a giant “leap of faith” so to speak. I have no idea who the fuck “They” are - but damn they got that one right.

But first, some context:

I had a job right out of college for VMware as a Client Success Specialist. At the time, I thought it was my dream job. And it is still sort of in a way - working, helping, and connecting with people. But as the days grew on I found myself not really doing anything. And I mean this literally - there were some days that I barely even talked or got off Reddit since they didn’t really have a plan to utilize me… which became super apparent when they laid off 35 people (including me) 7 months after being hired.

Hello real world.

The Universe always has a funny way of timing things - as I got laid off the exact week my very first Teacher Training for CorePower Yoga started, which is (spoiler alert) now what I do full time.

After 3 months of searching and searching for any old job that came up - I eventually landed my way back at VMware.

To cut the long story short - I was at first excited since I was actually doing measurable work for the first time post-grad, and was a top performer on my team. But after 2.5 years of going through the motions and not really growing, I knew my time was up.

I kept showing up unmotivated, stressed out, anxious, and STUCK. I needed a way out and a way to re-ignite the passion that I had for simply LIVING.

So I sent out my resume to a few companies that caught my eye - and landed up at this small but powerful startup Asana in San Francisco.

This job was unlike I had ever experienced before: A full 2 month training program, 3 meals a day, coworkers that were actually friends and cared about each other, dogs roaming all over the office - It was the dream startup life without all the added stress and pressure.

But still, I knew something was missing. While I saw the path to success within the company and knew that I could cement and establish myself there for years to come, one thing kept tugging on my heart strings: Yoga.

Due to my job I could only realistically teach twice a week, and maybe take 1 class a week. For a lot of people that is more than enough, but for me I kept craving more. Yoga was always an afterthought even though it had been my passions since I started Yoga Teacher Training over 3 years ago.

Now it’s not just about the physical Asanas that came with it, or just simply teaching more classes. I was craving the lifestyle that my job was preventing me from what I wanted to do: dive deep into myself mentally, physically, and spiritually, change lives, connect with people, and wake up every day being aligned with what I knew was right in my heart.

I kept getting signs everywhere.

To start the place I worked for was called “Asana.” Additionally I had been hired to work at Equinox and Office Yoga but really couldn’t teach at either place due to my work schedule. And good luck trying to support yourself with only teaching yoga when your rent is 2k a month. Then as I talked about San Diego to a few people, I only heard amazing things about the CorePower community and the spiritual community down there. Not to mention, it was much more affordable and more “Boulder-esque”, which is something I sorely missed.

I was met with a decision and dilemma.

On one hand - I had a great corporate job, with the perfect work-life balance, and amazing people that treated their people...well like people. On the other hand, I wanted to give this seemingly far-fetched dream of mine a chance.

And I don’t mean “oh it was great but I’m really just saying that to save face.” I manifested the living hell out of that role and it was everything I could have hoped for:

Tech Startup. San Francisco. Free healthy food. Kombucha on tap. Lasting friends. Great and stable income. More benefits than I could count.

Sounds like a sweet gig right? Well yes it was (I’m even wearing my old company’s shirt as I type this).

So given the perfect opportunity I the absolutely most sane thing that makes complete sense:

I gave my two weeks notice. Packed my bags in my car the night before (pro-tip - NEVER do this). And drove down to San Diego to teach yoga full time and allow the Universe to do its thing.

Something clicked inside of me. After years of yoga always being the focal point - I began to realize that I had programmed myself to believe that the only way to be successful in life is to work a 9-5er, regardless of how great the company is.

Now if you’re reading this and think that you need to go haywire and uproot your life to find your passion, love yourself, and be successful - you don’t. It certainly makes for a better story but you can and should be able to “find yourself” while still performing your job and life. You just need to find your why (check out my last blog ;) ) behind the things that you do, it’s just so that the “whys” of my life didn’t line up with the “whys” I found in my yoga practice and journey.

Yoga gave me the courage to trust in myself and to follow my own intuition. It taught me to get out of my own ego and it stripped me to my raw self where I can be open, honest and grow.

I was finally able to love and accept myself for my strengths and faults - as my actions were now directed on what I wanted to do, not how I thought other people would perceive me.

The yogic lifestyle that was slowly ingraining inside of me over the last 3 years finally connected in my brain, and with new neural pathways being developed every day. And as I pause and reflect back on the times I was working a corporate job and seeing so many people being stressed, anxious, stuck in the mundane and routine, I know that I am here to help. Taking my knowledge and truth with this yogic foundation and applying it to people who truly need it.

I am just now stepping into my power and my calling as I write this, but I wouldn’t want this new chapter of my life to be another way.

In Love and Light,